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PocketPC compatibility Matrix

Dell Axim (Tested with A5 and Dell TrueMobile 300 Bluetooth
CompactFlash Card, 64 mb devices recommended* )
HP/ Compaq iPaq H3830/3835
HP/ Compaq iPaq H3850
HP/ Compaq iPaq H3870/3875
HP/ Compaq iPaq H3950/3955
HP/ Compaq iPaq H3970/3975
HP iPaq 1940/H1945 (iPaq H1910 not supported)
HP iPaq H2210/2215
HP iPaq H5150
HP iPaq H5450/5455
HP iPaq H5550/5555

Bluetooth Enabled

NOTE: Consumers with HP iPaqs’ using Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 pleaseview the following documents:
Navman 3450 users: 3450 Errata.pdf
Navman 4400/4410 users: GPS 4400/4410 Errata.pdf


Do I have the 3420 or 3450?
Navman 3420 : No external antenna
Navman 3450 : Has plug for external antenna
(antenna not included)                  

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NOTE: When using the SmartSt Professional software, included with GPS units purchased from Navman
USA, you will need 12mb of free memory on your iPaq to install the application. When the software starts up the program will cache (save to your iPaq) 10% of any map data that is stored on any memory cards.  For example, if you have 250mb of map data stored on a memory card, the system will try to save 25mb on your iPaq main memory. Be sure the unit has a sufficient amount of free main memory.

Because OpenSky GPS only stocks some of the bigger selling GPS systems, you may not see a GPS system that fits your specific need. If you are looking for any particular GPS that we do not have listed, please drop us an email with what GPS system  or type of GPS systems you are interested in. We will take special request and be happy to find  those GPS systems that you are looking for.  If you are looking for a car GPS  for your company vehicle and will be purchasing more than three systems, please request a bulk discount by sending an email to our customer service department with "bulk GPS systems" in he subject line. 

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